Thursday, March 09, 2006


That standard answer is that Dave discovered Andrew after seeing the
famous photo, and Andrew will be singing on a new Foo Fighters track.

Yep, in that famous pic with blood pouring out of his nose, he does
look a lot like Dave Grohl, but in other pics he looks quite different
and a lot younger. So, they definitely aren't the same person.

Dave pic:

Andrew pic:

But that's not to say the guy isn't just some actor miming to Dave's
music, Milli Vanilli style.

This "conspiracy theory" got a mention last year in the Guardian:
"One music-biz conspiracy theory currently circulating suggests that
Andrew WK is an elaborate hoax devised by former Nirvana drummer Dave
Grohl (WK has toured with Grohl's band the Foo Fighters). ",1169,580562,00.html

And the BBC said:
"Sounds too good to be true! Well, funny you should mention that. The
rumour is that Andrew WK is a none too elaborate joke foisted upon the
world by ex Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighter Dave Grohl. Gossip hounds
reckon Grohl penned the WK anthems for a laugh and got Andrew the
long-haired sex god to front them. "

And a CD reviewer says:
"Probably. C'mon, work it out for yourself. Can you really take a 22
year old former piano-playing child-prodigy who repeatedly refers in
interviews to 'The Cause' and babbles excitedly about how 'like,
totally awesome baby rabbits are' to be the saviour of music? Or is he
just a style-mag version of rock music, formulated by the Nirvana
Ringo as a jokey jokey postmodern alternative Pop Idol?"

- Dave Grohl is a funny, intelligent, subversive guy. He's just the
type to do this.
- The music (to my critical ear) is totally laughable. Ha! Ha! The
music-buying masses fell for it!
- The music is similar enough
- The "facts" about Andrew WK sound a bit far-fetched... genius-level
IQ, model good looks etc


- Taking Milli Vanilli as an example, hoaxsters prefer to hide behind
pop videos. Andrew WK has done enough stadium shows to prove that he
is not a mime artist
- No famous artist (to my knowledge) has pulled off a hoax to this
- If Dave wrote the songs, that wouldn't be so strange or unusual -
Prince gives away songs using pseudonyms all the time, which isn't
exactly a conspiracy or hoax

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I WONT SPEND TO MUCH TIME ON THIS TOPIC, refer to WARDS site on the details of this. (in links section click on AWK/WARD)

NOTE: If you look at the bottom left corner of the above photoshopped image which appeared during the "SM-55 HACK". You see evidence pointing to "Steev Mike=Dave Grohl" theory, We see to images overlapping on the WHITE/AWK side the very bottom photo has "Andrew WK" with his arm around a fan with his thumb pointing upward, this hand sign indicates that "an order is completely filled", Andrews face has a red circle with line thru it, which commincates "NO" or "Not Andrew". Right above that photo we see a "Andrew WK" also with his thumb pointing upward, what this does not show is in the original photo is Dave Grohl standing next to him laughing.


One of the simplest answers to this Steev Mike issue is that Andrew WK is in fact Steev Mike. In past interveiws (please send me links) "Andrew WK" has reffered to himself or claimed that he used to call himself Steev Mike. Considering all the deliberate confusion, misinformation, and flat out lies about this situation, one would assume that the truth appears to be "Andrew WK=Steev Mike" but with a little research you see that the truth is anything but that. Andrew WK and his handlers have purposely confused the situation so that people would not know who Steev Mike really is. If Andrew WK was really Steev Mike, he could of made a public statement about it and ended it right then. As Ward points out in his excellent research on the "SM-55 Hacking" that "Andrew WK=Steev Mike" does not make logical sense:
The ANDREW W.K. Theory - One of the most widespread theories is what I call the "ANDREW W.K. Theory". People who believe this theory think that ANDREW W.K. created all the websites and the "Hacker Idea" himself. Believers also think that "Andrew W.K." is "Steev Mike" and that "Andrew Wilkes-Krier" is the inventor and creator of all ANDREW W.K. songs and images. Those who usually support this theory tend to be very passionate ANDREW W.K. fans, who tend to believe whatever paints "Andrew" in the most appealing light. I must say, as a huge fan of "Andrew W.K.", the music, and everything else, I don't necessarily support the "ANDREW W.K. Theory" as I don't find it to be a logical answer to the biggest questions. Instead, it raises MORE of the same questions we've asked earlier: "Why would 'Andrew W.K.' want to make himself out to be a fraud?"; "Why would 'Andrew W.K.' try to make people think he didn't write his own music?"; "Why would 'Andrew W.K.' want to create a website called 'AndrewWKsucks' that says he's a hired actor?" These are all very important and hard to answer questions, and each one of them makes it harder for me to believe the "ANDREW W.K. Theory". I believe it's very possible that "Andrew W.K." may be a hired actor, but I don't believe he's responsible for hacking into his own websites. And even if "Steev Mike" is the real creator of ANDREW W.K., I don't think "Andrew W.K." is trying to expose this as truth. If anything, I think "Andrew W.K." has been working hard to cover-up the truth and hide the facts which the hacker is trying to expose.

Also right after the "SM-55 HACK" Andrews official web site had this FAQ:
Q: Who is Steev Mike?
A: STEEV MIKE is the Executive Producer and Creative Director for the ANDREW W.K. albums "I GET WET" and "THE WOLF". STEEV MIKE's contributions to ANDREW W.K., Inc. and "ANDREW W.K." personally, have proved incredibly effective, and for this reason STEEV MIKE has always been well regarded within the team.

Q: Are Steev Mike and Andrew W.K. the same person?
A: No. "ANDREW W.K." and STEEV MIKE are not the same person. In the past "ANDREW W.K." has stated that he used to call himself STEEV MIKE, however it does not indicate that they are in fact the same individual.

Q: Did Steev Mike hack into the Andrew W.K. websites?
A: Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to comment at this time.

Q: Did Steev Mike write all of Andrew's music?
A: As stated before, STEEV MIKE is the Executive Producer and Creative Director for the "ANDREW W.K." albums "I GET WET" and "THE WOLF". In the music business, individual producers contribute to the making of an album in many different ways. Sometimes producers work very closely with the development and inception of an album, other times their efforts are directed towards the guiding and supervising of the production process. STEEV MIKE's ingenuity will always be respected and highly regarded.

Q: Is someone pretending to be Steev Mike and trying to discredit Andrew?
A: No.

Q: Do you know if an A.W.K. fan is making all those websites?
A: There are well over 50 websites registered to ANDREW W.K., Inc. Recently there have been complications with a small handful of these sites, namely and The decision was made to dismantle these and other related sites until further information regarding their malfunction becomes available.

Q: Is it true that someone else "made-up" or "created" Andrew?
A: ANDREW W.K., Inc. is and always has been solely responsible for all related "ANDREW W.K." output, including but not limited to recorded music, video and television, merchandise, and any other items or productions using the name "ANDREW W.K.". Statements to the contrary are false and should be ignored.


This large hole 45rpm record released on Bulb records in 1992 is one of the most compelling items in "does STEEV MIKE exist". This blog was created because recently a box 25 of these appeared on ebay, supposedly found at a garage sale in Ann Arbor Michigan. While I never knew what to think about the Steev Mike issue once I saw this I knew something was going on. Andrews father still lives in Ann Arbor and that is where we are told "Andrew WK" is from. Pete Larsen (who ran Bulb records) also is from Ann Arbor but now resigns in Livonia, Michigan. It is common knowledge that Bulb records was a front (or heavly financed) by Mr. Krier to give that artist known as Andrew WK certain underground credibility by having his first records released on a independant. Anyone who actually listens to a Bulb record will come to the conclusion that James Krier and Pete Larson would hang out make up fake band names and pound out sloppy music to fill up the catalog, this was the early 90's and they figured they could ride the "noise" wave like the Zip Code Rapists or Icky Boyfriends. Pete Larson was very good at keeping the James Krier connection quite- not to many people knew about this and while Petes intentions to run a legitimate record label may have been honest (Bulb did release many records by real bands) after the support of Mr. Krier everything fell apart. Rumor has it the Wolf Eyes bootleg record "Fuck Pete Larsen" was Wolf Eyes responce once they found out that Bulb was a front and most of the Wolf Eyes records that were pressed would sit in his closet.