Thursday, March 09, 2006


That standard answer is that Dave discovered Andrew after seeing the
famous photo, and Andrew will be singing on a new Foo Fighters track.

Yep, in that famous pic with blood pouring out of his nose, he does
look a lot like Dave Grohl, but in other pics he looks quite different
and a lot younger. So, they definitely aren't the same person.

Dave pic:

Andrew pic:

But that's not to say the guy isn't just some actor miming to Dave's
music, Milli Vanilli style.

This "conspiracy theory" got a mention last year in the Guardian:
"One music-biz conspiracy theory currently circulating suggests that
Andrew WK is an elaborate hoax devised by former Nirvana drummer Dave
Grohl (WK has toured with Grohl's band the Foo Fighters). ",1169,580562,00.html

And the BBC said:
"Sounds too good to be true! Well, funny you should mention that. The
rumour is that Andrew WK is a none too elaborate joke foisted upon the
world by ex Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighter Dave Grohl. Gossip hounds
reckon Grohl penned the WK anthems for a laugh and got Andrew the
long-haired sex god to front them. "

And a CD reviewer says:
"Probably. C'mon, work it out for yourself. Can you really take a 22
year old former piano-playing child-prodigy who repeatedly refers in
interviews to 'The Cause' and babbles excitedly about how 'like,
totally awesome baby rabbits are' to be the saviour of music? Or is he
just a style-mag version of rock music, formulated by the Nirvana
Ringo as a jokey jokey postmodern alternative Pop Idol?"

- Dave Grohl is a funny, intelligent, subversive guy. He's just the
type to do this.
- The music (to my critical ear) is totally laughable. Ha! Ha! The
music-buying masses fell for it!
- The music is similar enough
- The "facts" about Andrew WK sound a bit far-fetched... genius-level
IQ, model good looks etc


- Taking Milli Vanilli as an example, hoaxsters prefer to hide behind
pop videos. Andrew WK has done enough stadium shows to prove that he
is not a mime artist
- No famous artist (to my knowledge) has pulled off a hoax to this
- If Dave wrote the songs, that wouldn't be so strange or unusual -
Prince gives away songs using pseudonyms all the time, which isn't
exactly a conspiracy or hoax


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Blogger Ryan Ummel said...

I don't know if you still keep up to date with this, but here are some interesting MySpace accounts created BEFORE the hacking incident, with multiple comments around the time the hacking began referencing a "beginning." Also, there is a mysterious "jordan" character, like the one from the hacking incident picture (the presumably 'crazy superfan' theory).

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